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The Question Ski Ties

The Question Ski Ties



IYKYK. Classic skiing is the very heart of cross-country. And by that, we mean it will rip out your heart and put it into a blender if you don't have the right kick wax, fundamental body position, or timing. It's brutal, and that's why we love it. And that's also why when heading out for ski - or on the set track - this is THE question asked by nordies the world over. Blacked-out foam and elastic with our signature hot pink printing to keep the vibe high.

    • High-density, heavy-duty woven elastic ski sleeve construction will conform to ALL skate and classic cross-country skis for a nice, snug fit without shaking loose, or sliding off. 
    • These ties will fit skis up to 68mm. Which is awesome for our nordie friends who like a wider ski.
    • Smooth 5mm EVA foam to protect bases during transport or storage.
    • Sold as a pair. Side A = NORDJÖRK brand, Side B = Clever saying.