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The Motto Trucker

The Motto Trucker


Raise your right pole and repeat after us...NYKJØRTE SPOR ER LIVET. A Norwegian phrase that means FRESH GROOMED TRACKS ARE MY HOME. We think it's something all cross-country skiers can (and prolly, do) live by. Be a part of the nordie fam and wear The Motto with pride.


Crest includes Norwegian Lions classic skiing (terrible fundamental body position, but there you have it), stylized classic set tracks, skate lane cords, a snowflake + NORDJÖRK beanie mark.


  • Foam trucker styling with nylon mesh
  • Cotton sweatband
  • Curved or flat visor
  • Adjustable snapback
  • Designed + assembled in Vail, Colorado by the team at Ski Town All-Stars