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A collective of nordies who embody the NORDJÖRK spirit. Where a shared vision for the future of Nordic skiing brings together never-evers, cupcake eaters, glitter-wearers, lunchtime skiers + V02max chasers to help make the set-track feel more like home, rather than a place to be earned. Who bring a fun and enthusiastic approach to the cross-country skiing community, push boundaries and celebrate our sport. We'll help each other reach our full potential by sharing stories, supporting journeys and lifting each other up in our mutual love for the glide.






The baddies in Bozeman. We're proud to be supporting the Bridger Ski Foundation Pro Nordic Team for the 2023-24 season. Coached by Olympian Andy Newell, this young, feisty, energetic team represent some of the most outstanding talent on the domestic + World Cup racing circuit, today.

BSF Pro Team members are selected and trained to compete on the national and international stage. Athletes are self-funded and rely on the support of sponsors, Bridger Ski Foundation (BSF), and the Bozeman community to offset their racing expenses.


The Pro Team's mission is to work closely with junior skiers and serve as role models for the Bozeman community while creating a fun and professional training environment that provides a clear development pipeline for youth racers to become US Ski Team and Olympic-level competitors.


Behind every picture of a pro athlete, are stories about their journey. From mental toughness, injury recovery, nutrition planning to deep technique analysis - and through our partnership with the BSF Pro Team we're bringing that insight, to you. 

Join the pro athlete journey. We'll be sharing the BSF Newsvlogget athlete blog, our NORD-nique deep dives and other engaging stories from the set track. It's free, fun and full of lively details that will help with your skiing goals. 




Follow along with Bailey + Eric in Minnesota as they prepare to ski their very first BIRKIE in Hayward!

Over the winter months leading up to the big ski, we'll be helping Bailey + Eric meet their technique goals while they share insights around work/training for fully formed adults with limited time on their hands, how to properly dress for very cold Minnesota mornings, outfits for dogs and other deeply important things that will help nordies everywhere have more fun on skinny skis and look good doing it.

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