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NORDJÖRK is for cross-country skiers. 

The hardy, the brave, the double-polers and weekend warriors, the gliders who believe Nordic skiing is at the heart of a winter well-lived.
We celebrate nordorks everywhere learning more, having fun on skinny skis, and look good doing it.




Using a unique blend of humor, candy + deep technical knowledge we help skiers of all levels upskill their skiing goals with camps + clinics. As adult learners, we understand the challenges that come with advancing in a complex, skill-centered sport, and over the years we've created fun, supportive learning environments to help every skier progress.

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We make fun, functional nordie-centered lifestyle apparel, accessories and goods to outfit every moment of your life - no matter the season. From graphic tees featuring skiers doing the things we do on skinny skis to glitter scrapers, truckers and beanies - our collections highlight the sport we love the most. Celebrate our little corner of the skiing world with NORDJÖRK.

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We are Kevin & Jenn. NORDJÖRK grew from our love of Nordic skiing. Our introduction to cross-country skiing was a bit rocky - awful, actually. Kevin struggled to keep his skinny skis in contact with the snow, and Jenn cried. But, it was love at first glide and the start of something beautiful. A 10+ year deep-dive to uncover the secrets of Nordic skiing and become a part of the vibrant community that celebrates a good V1 and perfect kick-wax. After 4,000+ hours of teaching, countless neck gaiters, beanies and other nordie lifestyle wares, we figured it was time to make the things we wanted to wear and use. Leaning into the spirited #nordork culture – we came up with a fun line of merch that celebrates our little corner of the skiing world. We've worked hard to earn our nordork badge and look forward to teaching you the art of the Nordic way, or seeing you sport NORDJÖRK gear – either way, we hope you’ll come along for the glide.


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