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Weekly classes to accelerate your learning.

Refine and sharpen your skate or classic cross-country skiing technique with our weekly courses on the Crested Butte South Nordic Trails. As PSIA® Level 3 certified instructors, our team will get your Nordic skiing gliding in the right direction!

Come along for the glide. Our best nordie tips, right to your inbox.

"They are both amazing instructors and honestly just awesome humans. They teach to everyone in class & to every level of skier making you more comfortable and having more fun skiing. Everyone always comes away with more knowledge & skills. Quite simply, they are the best!!"

Cindy M, Crested Butte Colorado

We transform cross-country skiing enthusiasts into dynamic and technically proficient skiers.  

why nordjÖrk?

As adult learners and teachers, our team is attuned to the unique nature and challenge of improving as a cross-country skier. With an original and innovative teaching approach we will shorten your learning curve and have you enjoying your Nordic journey.

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