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Nebula of cosmic wax scraper greatness. The hand-poured acrylic wax scraper the DEEP meets the shimmery GOLD glitter for a match made in the heavens. 


What you get:

🌌 ONE, THE DEEP swirlie hand-poured with exosphere blues, red, yellow, green, white.*

✨ ONE, THE GOLD sparkly glitter acrylic that's like droplets of sunlight. 


*Because of the unique nature of the hand-pouring process no two scrapers are the same*

    • Laser-cut acrylic is sharp AF
    • ONE, the deep* = 155cm x 6mm x 3mm
    • ONE, the gold glitter = 155cm x 6mm x 3mm
    • *Hand-poured acrylic dyes mean no two alike!