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Assassin :: Color Shifting Poles

Assassin :: Color Shifting Poles


Our World Cup-level, lightweight, carbon shafts are treated to a custom, hand-finished paint with color shifting pigments to produce a stunning, stylish, and undeniably special cross-country skiing pole. 

  • Our newest launch into the nordie-verse, the Partycrasher Pole Collection. Specialty paint finishes and holographic glitters bring a flash of personality to the set-track that's nothing short of magic.


    Assassin is our slyest color shifter. Moving stealthily from deep blood reds and maroons to sharp magentas, oranges and pinks, and nothing in between. It's tight and super sneaky. Under direct and sharp light, the fiery reds and rusty oranges look like the spear of destiny, but in deep cover, it's like a sunset at midnight. This is the deepest, darkest shift in our collection, but make no mistake, it's a killer.


    • Automotive-grade paint ensures a finish that is durable, high-quality, and vibrant.
    • Excellent protection with a glassy clear coat and crisp hand-applied graphics. 


  • Our World Cup-level, lightweight, carbon shafts are made by one of the world's most trusted manufacturers of top-level carbon fiber poles in the cross-country skiing market.


    Material: UHMC carbon, 55g/m


    Weight: 155g (uncut, 176cm pole, please expect a slight variance due to the hand-painted finish)


    Grip: Composite + cork


    Strap: H